CBD For Chronic Pain Management

CBD for Managing Pain

CBD oils have captured the medical industry in no time. Doctors use flowery language to ensure we understand its qualities and miraculous properties. Undoubtedly, it is an incredible breakthrough in the aging industry because it relieves symptoms of stress and depression, soothes acidity, promotes sound sleep, and tightens facial muscles. Apart from these general effects, CBD is said to show promising results when it comes to managing temporary and chronic body pain, especially knees and back.

Medical practitioners report that it can be used to cure chronic pain and if taken regularly, has definitive potential to do away with joints pain as well. A number of authentic medical references mention that hemp-based cannabidiols are added in newborn products because they are mild, anti-septic, counter allergies and effective. They also act as natural and unique antioxidants which protect the internal fluids of the body mix with free radicals. The best part is that they are now available in different forms: serums, topical creams, ointments, pills and even hair oils.

CBD cures inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to injuries and accidents. After major, or even minor injuries, fatigues, exhaustion and swelling become a routine. Research suggests that the biggest attribute of CBD is its anti-inflammatory properties. It counteracts symptoms of swelling, acidity and kills pus cells. It calms nociceptors (the receptors which sense pain) and soothe the sensation of pain from the roots. While it cures inflammation, it has high potential of reversing symptoms of arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Inflammation often backfires in form of digestive issues, acne, rosacea, pimples, exhaustion, weariness, mood swings, and depression and panic attacks. Inflammation therefore, should never be taken lightly. Relieving inflammatory conditions, so they don’t grow into serious medical disorders, requires time and attention. Any attempt to rescue the body in such case, can become dangerous for the body. Since CBD is organic, and the best substitute to NSAIDS, it can be trusted because of its risk-free nature. Its anti-inflammatory elements even revitalize the functionality of important organs. They brush off dirt and cholesterol particles from body’s coelom layers. This is how they accelerate the neurotransmissions, improve cognitive levels, enhance body’s immunity and strengthen brain’s function.

CBD for Back Pain

Major causes of back pain include aging, posture, workload, workplace stress, work habits and poor diet. Exceptions also include serious accidents and injuries in the past. With time and growing age, spinal cord and other vital bones start losing flexibility. Lubricants in certain bones, cartilages, tendons and ligaments also develop friction and dryness. These conditions consequently cause severe back pain, which doesn’t leave the body for ages.

Though exercises and physiotherapies seem to be appealing, they can be tiring in the long run and a patient may end up being frustrated. For all those who can say yes to any of these conditions, should surely try hemp-based CBD products in one or the other form. These products not only support bones and joints, they also improve bone density and lock calcium within the bone cells. Another feature which makes CBD a promising option is its power to prevent immature cell death. Medical practitioners and arthritis specialists suggest that CBD can narrow gaps within bones and lubricate the inner linings of cracked joints because of its viscosity and ability to reach the cellular level. These are a few amazing reasons why research in this field has challenged the decade old use of traditional pain killers and pain relievers.

CBD for Joint Pain

Being overweight or obese are two of the obvious reasons behind joint pain. Other causes include arthritis, osteoarthritis, diabetes, calcium deficiency, fluctuation of vitamin D and aging. Knees, shoulders, elbows and hips are the most sensitive joints and cornerstone of one’s physical health. In females, pregnancy, menstruation and other related issues can cause chronic joint pain; while in men, workouts, poor diet, and postures are the real culprits. There are hundreds of short term solutions available: ointments, balms, topical oils, heat sprays and steaming machines. But, none of these options show noticeable improvement. With serious issues like knee jerks, CBD can be the most supportive medicine available in the market till date. It can be consumed daily, even twice if there is a need, is available in different forms and is ecofriendly.

People do carry CBD serums and oils to their workplaces and keep spraying their back and knees because the base form is nongreasy and nonsticky. A not-so-old research report concluded that CBD should be considered seriously for pain management and joint pain treatment. The same report mentioned that people have used it for medicinal purposes for ages and that it has no psychotropic effects. This atleast clears the stigma attached to the risk-free nature of Cannabis.

CBD for Pain in Cancer-related Conditions

Research has clearly proved that CBD was successful in relieving cancer-related pain, where opioids, common pain management drugs, have also failed. The cited study experimented on a number of parameters, out of which tolerance, pain severity, sensitivity, duration and pain results were prioritized. The sample contained 177 patients, who had already given up on using opioids and could see no noticeable improvement.

CBD VS Other Pain Management Options

There are hundreds of legit reasons why CBD should be given preference over other pain management options. Firstly, it doesn’t require any physical effort. Patients who are recommended to consume CBD are not supposed to pay tiring and expensive hospital visits. It doesn’t require users to regularly get the bones and joints scanned. Secondly, it has no side effects. Hemp is risk-free, organic, and doesn’t contain any psychoactive elements.

Research suggests that patients using CBD regularly, never reported about any addictions or going ‘high’. Additionally, it clears mental fogs, and unleashes brain’s power to make sound judgments without confusion. CBD doesn’t only work as a pain killer. It has all the qualities one might want in a pain manager. It is more than a medicine and doesn’t trigger allergies.Unlike NSAIDS and opioids, it has long term effects. Most companies that sell Cannabis products are FDA approved and use 98% hemp in the basic composition of the medicine.

How to accelerate CBD’s performance for Pain relief

Though clearly stated, CBD does not need complementary medicine or other dietary supplements to work, it can work 3 times faster for a user who does physical exercises as part of routine. Even brisk walking, jogging, swimming and habits like reading book can do wonders. Patients who intend to prolong sleep amounts, and relieve chronic body pain with CBD should avoid drinking and smoking.

Several triggers can switch the pain on. An age over 40, work routines, accidents and anxiety, can all contribute to severe body pain. An issue like this deserves attention and can be cured timely if efforts are dedicated. CBD is one such option which surely has wondrous effects and pain management potential. With honest routine and regular dose, CBD has high chances of treating joint pain, back pain, inflammation and even cancer-related pain.

It can ease all discomforts associated with movement of bones and can make mobility smooth and painless as ever. Medical practitioners have started cashing these miraculous wonders of organic, chemical-free CBD. It is highly suggested that people intending to cure pain should go through the composition, price, quality and reputation of the brand while buying a CBD product.



CBD For Chronic Pain Management
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CBD For Chronic Pain Management
CBD is said to show promising results when it comes to managing temporary and chronic body pain, especially knees and back. Read on to know more.
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