CBD For Combating Stress

CBD for Stress

Maybe, like the majority, you are unclear and doubtful about the relationship that lies between CBD and stress. It has not been a long time since this strong knot was discovered. Several studies and researches were made in this area and the uncertainties were transformed into certainties.

CBD For Stress

Scientific research with respect to CBD for Stress

Not only that we have lots of case studies and individual who bear witness to the miraculous power of CBD for reducing stress and ultimately curing it but there also exists a wide range of scientifically proven facts that stand true to the merit of CBD with respect to its ability to treat stress. We shall rationally see and conclude CBD regarding this.

Most of the research that has been done is on rodents and rats. This is a research custom. No experiments are directly done on humans. In fact, any scientific study, let it be about drugs or diseases, is first of all carried out on animals, most specifically on rats and rodents. It is because of the fact that rats and mice possess some genetics, behavioral and biological characteristics that have a lot of resemblance with those of humans. Experiments were done on rodents, therefore, stand in accordance with those done on humans.

This scientific body of facts that we have included in our article is based on 32 different kinds of studies that were carried out on rodents. Aim of all these studies was to find out the underlying between stress and how it is treated by CBD. Out of all these researches, only one study failed to give desired results. All the other 31 studies reached the same conclusion. In all these studies, rodents and rats were put under stressful conditions.

Forced swimming test:

One test included Forced Swimming Test, in which rats are placed in a container full of water and they are supposed to make efforts for their lives. Initially, rats that were behavioral despair (exhibiting abnormal behavior) did nothing to save their lives. They did not show any mobility at all. They were then given a dose of CBD. The experiment involved only a single dose of CBD. Rodents were again placed in a container full of water and guess what? They did not only show mobility but also ended up saving their lives. Their behavior was completely sane. The study concluded that before they were stressed and hence when given a dose of CBD, stress alleviated to a significant level and rendered the rodents capable enough of making the right choice.

Cage testing:

In another scientific study, rats were placed in a cage after being given a low dose of CBD. But they were not alone in the cage rather there was a boa constrictor. Boa constrictor is also called a red-tailed boa or the common boa. It is a large snake that kills its prey by coiling around it. Previously behavioral despair rats, after being given the dosage of CBD, acted a lot more wisely. They took due time in observing their environment, analyzing the situation and selecting the careful strategy of getting to a safer location instead of panicking and losing their lives.

Extinction Learning:

The next study was based on the concept of extinction learning. In other words, you can say it is a learned behavior to let go of a stimulus when there is nothing to fear about or stress about or how to control stress in a fearful situation. In this experiment, rodents were used again. In a stressed condition, rodents always freeze when they feel the stimulus that they are about to experience an electric shock. The fear triggers them and they freeze spontaneously. However, when given a fixed dose of CBD, their response to the stimulus of electric shock was changed altogether. They did not fear electric shock and did not freeze in a way as they used to do previously.

Case studies with respect to CBD for stress

Two case studies have been included here and these are widely known with regard to their importance

Fritz Hubig

Fritz Hubig, 45 years of age and a father of two years old kid works as a real estate broker in Washington D.C. His brother had been an employee and was working for 20 years in one of the cannabis industries. Fritz Hubig fell prey to stress and it grew bad with each passing day. He has to work 80 hours a week and with stress becoming worse every day, his life became miserable. Upon consulting with his brother, fritz started using CBD. He holds the testimony true that CBD has actually reduced his stress level to a significant level. He says:
“Being high-strung and nervous and then having a kid, it’s like — holy smokes. I was just so worried about everything. If I did not embrace meditation and CBD, I’m not sure where I’d be”

Ellie Zitsman:

Ellie Zitsman is 33 years old and a mother of 3 years old kid. She works as the head of research and development at Van Leeuwen Ice Cream in Brooklyn. This is a company that used to debut the CBD ice cream flavor. She had a really tough routine so eventually, she started feeling stressed. CBD was her choice and with the help of it, she made out of all the trauma of stress.

How does CBD treat Stress?

Due to its wide range of functions, it has 65 different targets in the human body. It means that there are 65 sites where CBD can show its influence in a positive way. Because of this wide list of targets, it is not possible to be certain about each and every site till now. However, few of them are now established facts. We will now talk about those sites where the impact of CBD helps in eradicating the stress and removing the root causes of stress.


Serotonin is a neurotransmitter and is found in the brain. Low levels of serotonin are associated with stress. It is scientifically proven as well that the people who suffer from stress always have low levels of serotonin. What CBD does is that it interacts with different receptors of serotonin. Most specifically, CBD binds with the 5-HT1A receptor of serotonin. This receptor is believed to have a crucial role in stress attacks and panics. When CBD binds to it, the stress is reduced to a significant level. CBD does not only boost up the levels of serotonin but also changes the reaction of the brain as a whole towards stress.

Neural regeneration:

Because of stress, neural apparatus damages and some of it ultimately dies. In addition to this, even a few parts of brain shrink. The fortunate fact is that few areas are capable of regeneration. During our entire life, our brain cells grow, new neurons are made and new connections are developed. CBD helps in this process of neural regeneration. Most specifically, CBD targets the hippocampus portion of the brain and encourages the regeneration of neurons and other neural apparatus. In this way, damage done by stress is compensated and the person recovers because of CBD. CBD, therefore, does not only treat stress but also helps in combating the after-effects of stress.

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CBD For Combating Stress
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CBD For Combating Stress
Maybe, like the majority, you are unclear and doubtful about the relationship that lies between CBD and stress. It has not been a long time since this strong knot was discovered. Several studies and researches were made in this area and the uncertainties were transformed into certainties.
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