CBD For Depression Treatment

CBD for Depression

A very close association is present between CBD and depression. It has been present since ever but it was not until recently that it was brought to light. Different studies, researches, and experiments have led us to believe that the ultimate cure for depression lies in CBD.

CBD For Depression

Research on Effects of CBD on Depression

Previous research dates back to 2014 where few researchers belonging to the Laboratory of Panic and Respiration at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. These studies, too, involved mice. It was a comprehensive and precise study on depression and how it manifests itself. They concluded that CBD plays a positive role by altering serotonin receptors. Serotonin receptors are found in the brain. Serotonin is directly linked with a person and its emotional states.

An emotional state may include feelings of sadness, happiness, and jealousy. CBD, therefore, positively influences and controls the serotonin receptors located in the human brain. In light of all the evidence, it was concluded that CBD can be used as an effective anti-depressant.
People often could not fathom how research on mice and rats with respect to depression can relae to humans and can validate for humans. Researchers select rats and rodents for some reason.

Their behavior, genetics and biological characteristics resemble a lot with those of humans. One of the most important facts is that many of the human health conditions can be induced in mice and rats. In fact, in today’s world, scientists and researchers use “transgenic mice”. These are the genetically altered mice and carry genes similar in nature to those which cause diseases in humans.

Modern research with respect to CBD and Depression

In early 2019, a study was published in a well-known journal called “Molecular Neurobiology”. Study was carried out in collaboration by a bunch of genius researchers belonging to the University of Sao Paulo situated in Brazil and Aarhus University Hospital situated in Denmark. Their aim was to test CBD in animals in the first place before exposing it to humans. Researchers decided to use mice and rats that exhibited a lot of behavioral despair and did not behave normal. How many dosages shall be given to the mice and rats remained a contentious topic. Researchers agreed on starting with a single dose.

Forced Swimming Test:

Mice and rats that showed abnormal behaviors were exposed to different tests before and after they are given a dose of CBD. One of the tests was FST known as Forced Swimming Tests in which mice and rodents are placed in a container that is filled with water. You might be wondering what it has to do with the depression. Your answer lies in the following lines. What would you do if you are left in a pool full of water and you do not know swimming? You would try to escape and rush for survival, if you do not, it implies that you are mentally unstable. The same goes for rats, they were expected to strive but when they did not and cease all the mobility it meant that they were behavioral despair. However, when the CBD dose is given, mice and rats showed considerable mobility and they struggled for their life like a normal being would do.

After mice and rats were given a single dose, the results were astonishing. Researchers found out that visible mild anti-depressants effects were witnessed in both mice and rabbits. The behavior of mice and rats started making sense and it became normal to an extent. This happened because CBD was able to increase the level of proteins in different parts of their brain. Most notably protein levels increased in the medial prefrontal cortex as well as the hippocampus. The journal states that:

“The main finding of the present study is that CBD induces not only a robust acute but also sustained, antidepressant-like effect in different species and distinct animal models.”

Why attention was focused on CBD for depression treatment?

A very genuine question is why in the first place researchers and doctors considered CBD as a compound that may cure depression. One of the major reasons was that researchers, doctors and patients, in nutshell, no one was satisfied with the previous drugs that were being used for the treatment of depression. Although all the previous alternatives were functional but all the side effects of those drugs were beyond harmful. Conditions like weight gain, vomiting, sexual dysfunctionality, and insomnia were the common side effects and they lasted for longer periods. In addition this they also noted that all the anti-depressants took a lot of time to work and cure depression.

How does CBD treat depression?

One thing must be kept in mind that the use of CBD for therapy based treatment is not very wide. It is limited. Although a lot of research was carried out in the last decade, in order to play safe, most of the research and tests were done on animals as are always done on animals first. It means that the positive effect of CBD with respect to depression is for the most part based on assumptions. However, a small part of it does speak for the facts according to the results and effects were seen in different people. So let us focus on those areas of depression where CBD shows its influence.

• CBD’s ability to treating depression is most of the times associated with the positive impact that it has on the serotonin receptors. Serotonin receptors are found in the brain. Depression is seen to occur mostly when the levels of serotonin fall low. What CBD does is directly linked with serotonin. CBD does not always and necessarily boosts up and promote the level of serotonin and make it higher, but it does one other thing as well. The other function of CBD in this regard is really of an adept supplement. It alters the way in which the chemical receptors present in the brain react towards the low level of serotonin and cause depression. So when the root cause is treated, depression ceases in its existence.

• Another edge that CBD possesses is that it is more efficient in curing depression as compared to the other anti-depressants present in the market. Let it be any drug, oil or therapeutic procedure. All of the anti-depressants take weeks before they start showing results. Such is not the case with CBD. CBD works in a remarkably efficient way.

• In addition to this, the majority of the anti-depressants show harmful effects like worsening mood swings, insomnia, sexual dysfunctionalities, and many others. CBD, on the contrary, instead of initiating these horrible health conditions, solves all these issues. It cures insomnia as well as fix your mood swings.

• CBD is also witnessed to protect all the neurons that are present in the hippocampus part of the human brain. Hippocampus is the area of the brain that fails to function and is rendered atrophied in people who suffer from depression. Research has proved this fact in rats as well as in humans. In rodents, CBD has proven to reduce the atrophy and render the hippocampus functional. In humans, it has proved to protect neurons and even regenerate in the hippocampus, thus, reducing depression.

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CBD For Depression Treatment
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CBD For Depression Treatment
A very close association is present between CBD and depression. It has been present since ever but it was not until recently that it was brought to light. Different studies, researches, and experiments have led us to believe that the ultimate cure for depression lies in CBD.
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