CBD treats for dog anxiety
CBD treats for dog anxiety

CBD treats for dog anxiety

CBD treats for dog anxiety - Our recommendation for best product!

We recommend with full confidence on Holistapat CBD Dog treats for dog Anxiety and stress, made of peanut butter + apple, enhanced with L-Theanine which increases the alpha waves and decreased your pet’s anxiety. Unique tastes and soothing herbs are combined with other main super food like Hemp seed powder and pure CBD oil which helps your dog to keep calm, have chilled energy in any stressful situation or nerve wrecking. This formula is perfect for pets who suffer from anxieties, stress and phobias. It includes pets who fear the noise of thunder storm or pets with severe separation and traveling anxiety. It also help pets with nervous stomach.

  • L-Theanine – Decreases anxiety. Promotes stress relief and relaxation.
  • Chamomile – Calms stress. Reduces nervousness, anxiety & fear.
  • Hemp Seed Powder – Helps reduce anxiety. Extremely high nutritional value.
  • CBD Oil (Cannabidiol) – May promote overall wellness.

OTHER INGREDIENTS: Peanut Butter, Organic applesauce, Brown Rice Flour, Molasses, Cinnamon, Coconut Oil. CBD dosage is dependent on body weight and the type of condition which you are using it for.
To view the recommended dosing for this product, visit our Shop’s description.

Introduction - CBD treats for dog anxiety

Anxiety is a common problem in most dogs. Even the calmest dog will experience nervousness from time to time. A nervous dog will show a few symptoms that need to be recognized as soon as possible and treat the problem before the problem gets more severe and complicated.

It is way harder to “fix” a developed anxiety disorder. It is for the best that the owner will know the common factors for nervousness in dogs and also know a little bit about the symptoms in order to treat and solve the problem. So, what are the factors and reasons for nervousness in dogs and what are the symptoms? At first glance, let’s look at the reasons and causes.

Nervousness and anxiety in dogs usually arise from behavior factors (personality traits) or conditions. Here are the common factors for nervousness in dogs:

Environmental changes

Dogs may not understand environmental changes like humans do. Dogs get scared from environmental changes like storms, barometric changes in the air and humidity changes. In these cases, if the dog is outside it will develop nervousness and start showing and start showing abnormal behavior. It is, therefore, necessary to help a dog calm down during stormy weather.

Loud noise and unfamiliar sounds

It is known and reported that household machines cause nervousness in dogs. Vacuum cleaner, for example, make loud noises that our pets usually don’t like at all. Gardening tools like leaf blowers and lawn mowers also cause great nervousness in our pets. The loud noise of fireworks, which are not a common occurrence, will also cause dogs to develop fear and experience anxiety.

Separation anxiety & Nervousness

Since the first day you dog arrived to your possession, your dog has depended on you to always be there. However, the real truth is that you can’t always be home with your pet. When your dog is a puppy he’s always surrounded by attention and great love. The more your dog grows the less he may get attention.

This lack of attention can cause sometimes for a great anxiety for your beloved pet. When your pet stays alone for a long periods of time, the anxiety may get worse and lead to real bad results. Unstoppable barks, howling, property destruction, hole digging, door scratching, panting and urinating on private property are only a few results that can be caused by separation anxiety.

Social anxiety in dogs

CBD treats for dog anxietyYou may experience your dog getting nervous when in the company of other new dogs. For example, taking your dog to the dog park or jogging with a dog that belongs to a friend.

These situations are the ones that may get your dog experiencing nervousness from sexual frustration (the will to mate) or interested in playing, sniffing and licking the other dog. Social anxiety can also occur wen your dog meets a new person. New faces may cause anxiety or nervousness.

Travel anxiety in dogs

Dogs aren’t always up for travelling. Some dogs may get utterly concerned if they are facing a travel, especially in car. The car ride is scary for dogs who are not used to the motions, the sounds and the vibrations of a car. Travels may cause to many bad reaction in dogs, like: getting car sick, barking, yelping, panting and excessive drooling. These are the most common reasons to get a dog being nervous. So how will you recognize a nervous dog? It is helpful to know that the dog is nervous if it shows the following signs:


  1. Aggressive chewing
  2. Destroying property
  3. Excessive barking or howling
  4. Excessive whining or whimperingCBD treats for dog anxiety
  5. Pacing back and forth
  6. Excessive licking the nose and mouth
  7. Digging or scratching
  8. Panting
  9. Trembling or shaking

There are the most common signs that show that your dog needs to relax. So how to act to resolve it? We have a few natural tips that will help you relax your dog’s anxiety.

Exercising To Calm Down a Nervous Dog

In humans, physical activity will help to release stress and tensions. Same goes for dogs, it’s time you start exposing your dog to exercise on a regular basis. Physical activity is good not only for physical health but also to relieve stress and nervousness. When a dog trains, there’s a release of a chemical hormone in the body called Serotonin, which aids to improve the mood. It’s known as a fact that serotonin increases the level of calmness in dogs.

Secondly, the excess pent-up energy is released to help reduce the anxiety. Based on those two factors, activities like game of fetch, running around the dog’s park, or even routine jogging with your dog help to relieve the stress and pursue calmness.

Distraction Method to Calm A Nervous Dog

CBD treats for dog anxietyIf your dog becomes nervous, especially when you meet new people or travel, you can distract the dog’s brain to calm it down. When you create a distraction, the attention of the dog will go to the activity you’ve distracted with and it may help to control the situation. The best distraction can be introducing a game your dog loves. For example, a game of fetch or even rubbing the dog in the neck area to create a sensational feel. Involve the dog in familiar activities that he already knows he would be rewarded for.

These methods work well because the divided attention allows the dog to get used to all the factors that caused his discomfort and nervousness. While using the commands method, you can treat the dog with some awesome food that it likes so that it can quickly calm down. Another good distraction method is showing your dog his favorite toys, like stuffed animal or a chewing toy. It will help the dog to endure all the stress and nervousness.

Give your nervous dog a relaxing massage

Just like humans, a good massage can calm your dog’s nerves. A massage helps to get more control and reduce the dog’s anxiety. Give your dog a good massage with long slow pulling, to calm him down and comfort him. Speaking to your dog in a relaxed ton will help while you are giving your dog a massage.

Using slow rhythm music to chill a nervous dog

Music can cause wonders, not only for humans, but also for dogs. Your nervous dog will get calm when you play some soft music in his ears. Consider leaving the radio on when you leave the house.

Try to make a calming playlist of soft classic music, set it to repeat so your dog can enjoy it when you are leaving the house. If the dog is with you in the car you can also play some nice relaxing music in the car to protect your dog. Music helps the dog to forget the anxiety which is related to separation.

Conclusion- CBD treats for dog anxiety

Calming a nervous dog is never easy, but by gaining some experience in the given methods above you should be able to relief your dog’s stress in a natural and efficient way. Remember always to reward your dog when it’s behaving the way you wanted them to behave.

Use relaxing dog treats when your dog is anxious, cbd treats for dog anxietyYou can find many treats for dogs that were formulated especially for anxiety and nervousness. These treats contain supplements and relaxing ingredients which are meant for relieving the symptoms of anxiety. Some of those food supplements contain L- Theanine, Chamomile and Cannabis seed powder. To name a few.

We always recommend treats that are 100% natural, organic and vegan. We’ll always prefer and recommend NON-GMO treats and we won’t recommend on any product that contains wheat, corn meal, animal by-products, artificial flavors and colors. We believe that your dog deserves to eat healthy, just like you!

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