Does CBD Work For Mental Health?

CBD for Mental Health

CBD and mental health, both are deeply connected. This is not a sweeping statement rather a scientifically proven fact. A common misconception runs that a link between CBD and its therapeutic characteristics are new. This, however, is not the case at all.

CBD For Mental Health

Historical perspective of CBD for mental health:

It dates back to 2737 BC when people, worth mentioning the Chinese emperor Sheng Nung used to drink it with the tea. It was because even in the traditional and historical societies, CBD was believed to have influence over mental health in a way that no other herb or drug had.
However, since science took time to develop and research followed it afterward, therefore it was not previously acknowledged by the men of mind since there was no clear evidence in the form of research-based results.

The Journey of Research:

It was not until 1839 that proper attention was paid to CBD. William B. O’Shaughnessy, who was an Irish physician as well as medical researcher, studied CBD and its use in the medical field. He interpreted that CBD is capable enough of boosting mental health because it can interact with a lot many sites within the body and the brain. His study drew controversy initially but as the research grew, everybody realized how apt he was.

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam was the next name amongst many who contributed towards this cause. In 1963 he explored CBD and came up with its stereochemistry. He said that CBD impact mental health in a positive way without altering mind or causing sedation. This was a landmark jump since it did not only recognized CBD’s ability to improve mental health but also set the record straight that unlike all other mental health-related drugs, CBD does not leave any harmful side effects behind.

As awareness grew, many researchers shifted their focus to CBD. They introduced different tests, for example, forced swimming tests, cage based test and extinction learning. All these efforts directly pointed towards the CBD and its effect on mental health. With each research and its results, their faith grew stronger and stronger and eventually, the world community accepted that CBD actually improves, protects and renews mental health. Few specific mental health issues have been discussed below along with the scientifically proven studies where CBD has proven itself as a compound that is not only cost-effective but also functional and efficient.

CBD for stress

Stress is one of the most prevailing mental issues. It begins with everyday activities that do not go as expected and people start stressing over things that are apparently out of control. Since it has been considered as the root cause of many other mental health issues, therefore, researchers always took stress seriously. With the emergence of CBD and its effectiveness in treating different mental issues, the focus was shifted on the relation between CBD and stress.Theoretically, as well as practically, different studies were conducted to dig out the underlying patterns between CBD and stress.

Not only case studies gave some positive results but scientific researches proved the fact the CBD has a vast potential of not only curing stress but treating it’s after-effects as well. Amongst the case studies, you can always read about the cases of Fritz Hubig and Ellie Zitsman. They transformed their life in an unusual manner and moved out of chaos, all thanks to CBD.

Moving towards scientific explanations regarding CBD and stress, they are based on empirical data and facts and figures that are carefully calculated so that no error can distort the results. Experiments were done on rats and rodents most particularly mice. 32 different scientific studies were carried out and all of them reached the same conclusion except one. Forced swimming test and cage testing were the most important experiments in this regard. Before and after results were calculated and with the small dosage of CBD, rats, and rodents showed the exceptional transformation.

In nutshell, CBD was seen doing some major contribution to the removal of stress. It removed the level of serotonin in the brain, serotonin is a major neurotransmitter and therefore its imbalance is related to stress. Another most important thing is neural regeneration. CBD helps in the rebirth of neurons that are damaged by stress. A quality that makes CBD stand out of all other mental health drugs is its efficiency. Where all other drugs take weeks to show results, CBD works at a rapid pace. No one has to wait for days to see its result and get better mental health. All these positive impacts of CBD are scientifically proven and they stand true to this date.

CBD for Anxiety

Anxiety is yet another mental ailment that devastates a person and his/her mental health to the core. In simple terms, stress, when lasts longer, turn into anxiety. It becomes more lethal if left untreated and if it stays for a longer time. As research with regard to CBD came in the limelight, related professionals were eager to transform its course towards anxiety. With a lot of effort, they did it successfully. The journey, however, was not smooth and simple. It took years of research and theoretical and applied knowledge to dig out the hidden information and unfold the secret that renders CBD capable of treating anxiety.

A collaborative trial was done by Orygen–The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health study service unit and Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics at the University of Sydney. It involved participants between 12 years and 25 years of age. The trial lasted for twelve weeks. All the participants were suffering from anxiety. During the trials, they were given a calculated dosage of CBD. After twelve weeks, their condition and brain scanning supported the assumption of researchers. They were perfectly healed from anxiety.

Another research was done in order to study anxiety as a mental health issue and to treat it with the help of CBD. It was also published in 2015 in a journal called “Neurotherapeutics”. The study was given the title “Cannabidiol as a Potential Treatment for Anxiety Disorders”. It showed similar results and proved that CBD stands true to its claim of boosting up mental health and of getting rid of mental health issues like anxiety.

CBD not only proved its ability to treat anxiety but it also helped with different forms of anxiety disorders. Moreover, parts of the brain that were previously associated with anxiety and had less blood flow, were seen as having an extra blood supply. It also interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors and causes significant improvement.

CBD for Depression

Depression is the leading mental health issue today. It affects people belonging to all age groups. Stress turns into anxiety and anxiety in its worst form becomes depression. This is the most dangerous mental illness because people become suicidal and some even commit suicide. Due to the severity of depression and its results, doctors and researchers have always been eager to find out the most efficient and effective way of treating it. As studies revealed CBD’s ability to treat mental issues, research was directed towards CDB and depression.

First research regarding CBD and depression was made in 2014. Laboratory of Panic and Respiration at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro came up with its genius researchers. They selected mice and rats that possessed high behavioral despair and exposed them to a single dose of CBD. All the rodents recovered and their mental state became quite stable. Most recently, this year, “Molecular Neurobiology” published a study done in collaboration by the University of Sao Paulo situated in Brazil and Aarhus University Hospital situated in Denmark. They focused on forced swimming test and results were encouraging.

Researches proved that CBD not only treats depression but it also boosts up the functions of the hippocampus part of the brain. Serotonin levels are significantly increased owing to this miraculous compound and patients get rid of depression permanently. This happens because CBD raises the levels of serotonin in the brain. Low levels are associated with depression, therefore, when the levels rise, depression has no other option than to die a natural death. It is preferred above all other anti-depressants because it does not leave behind any harmful side effects as does other drugs and medicines. It improves and preserves mental health.


Does CBD Work For Mental Health?
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Does CBD Work For Mental Health?
CBD and mental health, both are deeply connected. This is not a sweeping statement rather a scientifically proven fact. A common misconception runs that a link between CBD and its therapeutic characteristics are new. This, however, is not the case at all.
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