Use of CBD For Skincare

Current hype for CBD’s effects on skin and aging is hot on heels. Research evidence shows that regular use of CBD tightens facial muscles, reduces the visibility of wrinkles and expression lines. The soothing effects of CBD have a high tendency to cure adverse skin conditions like acne and rosacea. Third-party surveys also suggest that CBD is highly effective for skin and results in an overall fairer complexion. Skin brands, with the collaboration of reputable dermatologists, have started funding serious research projects and are designing products that have an optimum CBD concentration. The addition of CBD in newborn and infant products is thus, no exception and there is no far-fetched fact in CBD, gradually taking over the skincare industry too.

CBD For Skincare

CBD for Skincare

The secret lies in the antioxidants and moisturizing properties of hemp. It takes care of the delicate skin cells and promotes cell growth in the inner layers of the facial muscles. Still, in an era of technology and newly promoting DIYs for skincare, ‘CBD reducing wrinkles’ and ‘CBD curing acne’ may sound strange to many. Yes, research has proved that it has promising results on the facial skin too and cleanses the body internally.

Besides shattering an individual’s confidence, skin conditions like acne, rosacea, open pores, and photo-sensitivity are also indicative of several health conditions. These may be a sign of hormonal imbalance, aging, poor nutrition or deficiencies, workload, stress, depression, and even diet allergies or triggers. Other than these, skin disorders may also be a result of excessive exposure to dirt, pollution and sun rays. One such condition, psoriasis is said to be cured using CBD topical treatments.

CBD and Acne

Acne is not just a temporary skin condition or an allergic reaction that might go away with time. It is an adverse skin disorder and required proper medical attention and treatment. There are, however, tons of risk factors associated. Firstly, it requires a patient to consume heavy antibiotics, which may weaken the body’s immunity in the short term and backfire after a while. Secondly, if proper care isn’t taken, along with test patches, topical creams can cause scars and peel the skin. Acne can be a result of acidity – when free radicals keep attaching the body cells. Hormonal imbalance is another culprit behind acne staying stuck to the skin.

A research report concluded that using CBD-enriched ointment, 20 patients noticed visible improvement in their skin conditions and parameters. The report further suggested that skin disorders, having an inflammatory background may be cured using CBD treatments. There are no allergic reactions or triggers attached to using this ingredient. According to dermatologists, the antioxidant agents in CBD brush off the pus cells, reduce inflammation and peptic acidity. It also causes visible improvement in the acne marks, brown spots and scars by regulating the water content of epidermal layers. Though effects of CBD on acne are exciting and definitive, results of hemp products on rosacea breakouts and flushing are still under examination.

Sunburns and Scars

CBD’s antioxidant properties clear toxins from the outermost to the innermost layers of the skin. This tightens the skin cells and makes stretch marks a little lesser visible. The organic nature of hemp also protects the skin against UV rays of the sun, and functions as a daily sunscreen. Regular users of CBD serums have found it to be a beneficial and harmless alternative for heavy sunscreens. The base formula improves skin sensitivity; cells tend to react slower to the outer environment. CBD serums, oils, facial cocktails, and mask packs also claim to lighten the two-tone patches. This implies that users may expect a naturally brighter look and fairer complexion with CBD products.

CBD for Open Pores, Wrinkles and Fine Lines

CBD can actually rejuvenate the skin’s health by catalyzing the production of body’s natural proteins – collagen and elastin. These are the cornerstone of skin’s basic structure and make the skin look younger, softer and brighter. The soothing agents in hemp molecules don’t let the skin cells go loosely hanging. This way, it prevents immature cell death and keeps the skin’s texture soft and supple. Natural production of collagen and elastin may also diminish as one starts aging. While revitalizing the skin’s nutrients, CBD helps to regulate the production of different hormones, inhibits excessive secretion of a few, and fills the cracks and gaps between skin cells.

CBD for Dark Circles

CBD forms an excellent topical cream when mixed with honey. Because hemp is mild yet effective, it efficiently cleans the dark circles under eyes, makes the surrounding elastic and flexible.

CBD for Aging

Healthy and brighter skin, tighten facial muscles and clear under-eye areas are the dream of many women. But, many don’t enjoy them because of their age. CBD, with its groundbreaking definitive results can actually reverse the aging symptoms like expression lines, dark tone, dull complexion, back and joints pain, and weaker digestion. For people who consume CBD oil, pills, or serums, age is nothing more than a number.

CBD for Dermatitis Eczema and Athlete’s foot

A research report published in the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology, it is suggested that CBD accounts for the treatment of Dermatitis, and counteracts the symptoms of different itch-causing skin disorders. While manufacturers claim CBD to be a breakthrough in the skincare industry, researchers and skincare experts are busy experimenting its effects on bacterial and fungal reactions. CBD is found to be effective in acute, developing eczema and a number of antidotes mention CBD as a complementary ingredient in the medicine’s basic composition. However, CBD’s physical and allergic effects are still tested in the laboratories to examine its efficacies for fungal diseases like athlete’s foot.

Overall Advantages of CBD for Skin

Its anti-inflammatory agents soothe skin cells during phases of high acne or pimples breakout. Likewise, patients having adverse rosacea may use CBD oil to cure the redness and relax the cells on T-zone, cheeks, chin, and nose. It doesn’t clog pores and so, CBD based products tend to clear greasy sebum which is otherwise harmful to the pores. Dermatologists suggest CBD for prevention of aging symptoms. According to them, it helps regenerate skin’s natural collagen and elastin minimizes pores and lets the skin do away with the orange-peel texture of the skin. Its base ingredients turn the facial muscles firmer and tighter. Any attempt made to cure skin disorders becomes fruitful after a user gains enough awareness about CBD’s chemical properties.

Battling skin disorders and even temporary allergic conditions can be frustrating. While there are several other reasons, smoking and consuming alcohol are also included in the commonly reported causes of skin issues and speedy aging. Since hemp has no psychoactive effects and doesn’t cause addiction, it also clears the body of all toxins introduced because of the drinking habits. It cleanses the body internally, regulates hormonal balance, supports dying facial cells and creates a natural defense for sun rays. CBD can show incredible results with uninterrupted use as it mends skin on a cellular level and erases all signs of aging. Wrinkles, acne, dark circles or itchy dry skin – all are just things of the past!


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